Terms & Conditions :-

1.  Bata India Ltd. reserves the right at its sole discretion to rename, modify, withdraw or amend the Bata Club Loyalty Program and its associated benefits at any time and without any notice.

2.  Bata Club Loyalty Program is only applicable for shopping done at our exclusive Bata Retail Stores or online at It is not applicable on shopping done from any multi brand store or through other third-party websites. For clarity, Bata Retail Store shall mean and include all Bata India Limited owned retail store and exclusive Franchise stores.

3.  Bata Club Loyalty Program is open to only customers who are above 18 years of age.

4.  Customers will be participating in the Bata Club Loyalty Program at their own risk and responsibility.

5.  Unused points shall expire after the validity period is over and shall not be restored or revalidated under any circumstances. Bata Club points are awarded only for any purchases done at Bata Retail Store/ Bata Club point is earned on spending greater than or above ₹ 100 subject to maximum of 1% of the invoice value”.

6.      GV provided by Bata to its exclusive Bata Club Loyalty Members can be redeemed within validity period from issuance, only at Bata Retail Stores. The GV cannot be redeemed in cash or clubbed with any other scheme, offer or discount. Bata shall not be liable for any lost/mis-use/deletion or destruction of such GV, under any circumstances.

7.      No request for re-issuance or revalidation of the lost, damaged or expired GV shall be entertained.

8.      Member have to redeem GV in one transaction only and part redemption of GV is not allowed/permitted.

6.  You have voluntarily and out of your own free will and volition entered into this loyalty program and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this program.

7.  All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Delhi Courts.

8.  The disputes shall be resolved by sole Arbitrator to be appointed by Bata. The venue and Seat of the Sole Arbitrator shall be Delhi only. The proceedings shall be conducted under Arbitration and conciliation Act-1996.

9.  That the maximum liability of Bata India Ltd under this loyalty program under any circumstances shall be limited to Rs. 500/- or the value of point balance of any member at the time of dispute, whichever is lower.

10. BATA will not be responsible for any NDNC (National Do Not Call) Registry regulation that will come into play. All members agree that as per the terms and conditions that even if they are registered under NDNC, DND (Do Not Disturb), BATA INDIA LTD will have all the authority to call such numbers/members, send messages (Transactional/promotional or otherwise) and doing so shall not be treated as breach of privacy or any other breach under law.

11. In case of Members’ mobile number is registered for “DND” Bata shall not be liable for non-receipt of any SMS on their registered mobile number.

12. By becoming member of Bata Club, member giving his/her specific consent to Bata to process it’s mobile number and other personal details under law/regulations and unconditionally authorize Bata to send transactional/information/promotional messages.

13. In case of Members’ mobile number is registered for “DND” Bata shall not be liable for non-receipt of any GV or any other exclusive promotional offer send via SMS on their registered mobile number. 

14. By accepting the terms and conditions of Bata Club or upon becoming member of Bata Club, you give your consent to accept all the policies of Bata India Limited, which, at present, are updated on the web site of Bata India Limited ( or in future may be modified or updated by Bata and undertake and agrees to abide by the same. 

15. Bata Club members are free to unsubscribe themselves from receiving any promotional messages from Bata on their registered mobile number or on emails. For unsubscribing the member has to follow the following process:

(i)  All promotional emailers sent an “Unsubscribe” link, member can click on the link to unsubscribe from emailers. Alternatively, member can also unsubscribe from Promotional Emailers by logging into My Account at & changing his preference.

(ii) Bata & Hush Puppies (HP) promotional SMS are sent from different SMS handles. To unsubscribe from Bata Promotional SMS, user can give a missed call at 7798811887. To unsubscribe from HP Promotional SMS, user can give a missed call at 7798811993.

Alternatively, user can also always write to Bata customer care to unsubscribe from SMS & Email both. However, in-spite of opting out from receiving promotional SMS/email, member shall continue to receive transactional SMS and emails in respect of all the transactions done by them either at Bata Retail Store or through online platform

As per TRAI Regulations.

Would recommend to make this as a part of user T&C on Bata Club as well as on also.