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Bata’s first Digital-Only Magazine: Detail

Since 1894 Bata has taken great pride in providing their customers with services that exceed expectations. Today is no different: We’re thrilled to entertain you with the first international issue of Detail, Bata‘s first digital-only magazine.

Detail not only celebrates the Bata brand and its very latest collections, but provides you with the highest quality editorial content, including beauty and styling advice, up to the minute fashion news, revealing interviews, a peek at the latest style trends and much more.

Take a look. Prepare to be inspired.

Detail Magazine is free and available for download here and will be soon available for download on Apple‘s Newsstand and Android‘s Google Play.

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About our shoes

Bata operating companies are grouped into business units. It makes sense to us to operate locally. This way we can share expertise when it comes to similarities in markets and business issues. Each group benefits from synergies specific to their requirements. That includes similarities in product development, sourcing and marketing support. It’s another example of how Bata’s global success is in reality made of thousands of local successes.

Bata, founded by Tomas Bata in Austria-Hungary, continues as a family-run business. Today our headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland, but our operations separate geographically into three divisions. Bata Europe is based in Italy and operates 500 stores offering fashionable footwear. Many of our innovative fashion lines originate at our Italian center. The world-class shoe innovation center just outside Venice supplies many of the exclusive lines found in Bata stores throughout Europe.

Bata International serves customers in much of Asia, the Pacific and Africa through its 3,000 stores and many dealers. It is supervised from Singapore. Bata International operates shoe innovation centers in several countries, as well as 23 factories to serve individual markets.

Bata Latin America is based in Mexico City. Bata is the leading retailer of shoes in Latin America. We’re also the leading marketer of children’s branded footwear!

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Bata – The Leading Shoe Brand in India

You might be surprised to learn that Bata is the most popular shoe brand in India. Ahead of Adidas, ahead of Reebok and Puma. According to a 2013 study of “India’s Most Attractive Brands” by the Trust Research Advisory (TRA), Bata is the shoe brand that India loves best. And in that same study, Bata came in eleventh out of ALL brands ­– including automotive, technology and food. This amazing vote of confidence reflects a long and deeply rooted relationship.

What makes Bata so attractive?

Bata’s appeal comes from the concept created by the brand’s founder: shoes and accessories for the whole family, at affordable prices, that are both fashionable and of the highest quality. From the beginning, the focus was on satisfying customers and understanding their needs, including their affinity for style. “The brand’s reputation and visibility in India are a testament to everything Bata stands for,” says Pierre Murbach, Global Media & Content Manager at Bata Brands in Switzerland. “It shows that we are doing things right and it reflects on everyone in every country.”

Bata: An economic powerhouse

As the driving force behind the shoe-manufacturing industry in India, the brand founded by Tomas Bata has become a way of life for millions of Indians. And the great success in India helps to strengthen Bata’s international presence: 5,000 shops in almost 70 countries, one million customers served every day, and a Guinness World Record for having sold over 14 billion pairs of shoes.

Bata: #11 out of 1000

Out of the more than 1000 brands that were included in the TRA study, in categories ranging from Personal Accessories to Cars to Food & Beverages, only 10 products ranked higher than Bata. This distinction is proof of the trust placed in the brand and the recognition touches all of the work carried out in our shops and production plants. For it is not just shoes, but also the performance of an industry that is being acknowledged.

About the “Most Attractive Brands” Study

The Indian study is the most comprehensive and detailed survey of its kind. It is based on 36 traits, mined from 3 million data points from primary research conducted across 16 cities. Over 1,900 brands are identified in the research and the top 1,000 are listed. The sample size is 2,050 consumer influencers.

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Bata Publishes its Sustainability Review of 2016

The Bata Life Sustainability Review 2016 complements our online Bata Life web pages – www.batalife.com –  which we launched in 2015 and is regularly updated. This Review takes a snapshot of our business today and the steps we are taking toward being a sustainable business. The content covers 2014 and 2015 and, unless otherwise stated, the data relates to the period from 1st January to 31st December 2015.

What we have tried to do in this Review, is set out a framework for reporting, to assist our employees and stakeholders in understanding how we organize and manage the risks and opportunities linked to sustainability issues throughout our value chain. From 2016, we will begin the process of formally assessing our most material issues to manage and report on. We will move to an annual reporting cycle, and we will work towards aligning our disclosures in line with the internationally recognized reporting framework developed by the Global Reporting Initiative.
Looking to 2016 and beyond, we will continue to ensure that sustainability becomes an integral part of Bata’s business strategy, decision-making and disclosures. This will not be about honoring our great heritage and extending our legacy; we recognize that, as a multinational company, we have a broader responsibility to harness our global networks and expertise and the passion of our people to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and climate solutions.

We are pleased to share our progress in this and future reports, and we encourage your feedback on our targets, performance, and opportunities.

Download the Bata Sustainability Review 2016 (PDF, 12.6 MB)

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Bata Life – our sustainability approach

Responsibility and sustainability are part of Bata’s DNA, hallmarks of the enterprise from the very beginning.

Our long-standing mission has always been to create better lives for our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate by working toward a more just and sustainable future.

The Bata Life website charts our journey in this critical area, documenting the many actions we have taken to help the environment and our communities.

Read more!

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Bata Announces Sponsorship Deal with e-Sports Team

Bata Brands is thrilled to announce its sponsorship agreement with eXeS eSport, one of the most promising e-Sports teams in Europe, and for our company to be involved with the exciting world of professional video game competition, widely known as e-Sports.

eXeS eSport is a French Electronic Sports Association founded in 2008. eXeS eSport has four teams participating in popular games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, ShootMania and Call of Duty. The team finished second in the European Gaming League’s EGL8 in 2012 and went on to win the EGL9 in 2013. That same year, they also won the Gears of War: Judgment Cup in France. In 2014, eXeS eSport won the EuroCup CS:GO and finished second at the Gamers Assembly and the Lanex 18. They will be participating in the 2014 Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) taking place in October in Paris.

Pierre Murbach, Brand and Digital Media Manager at Bata Brands in Switzerland, said “Video game culture has become more and more popular, showing a large increase in both viewership and prize money. e-Sports game tournaments are already selling out giant arenas, with some events attracting audiences larger than those for major traditional sporting events. More than 70 million people worldwide watch e-Sports over the Internet or on TV, according to estimates by SuperData Research (April 2, 2014). There are also TV channels devoted largely to e-Sports and the UK’s first e-sports bar recently opened in London.”

“As a major player in the world of fashion, Bata has always paid special attention to emerging trends, which influences the events and teams the company sponsors. Bata became an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in 1986, the year that included such memorable moments as Diego Maradona scoring the “Hand of God” goal, as well as the “Goal of the Century” against England. Today, Bata is again breaking new ground with its sponsorship of competitive gaming” added Pierre Murbach.”

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Foot Care: Feet for Life, Pain-Free!

Do you grin and bear foot pain day after day? Many people think foot pain is normal, but that’s a myth. If your feet hurt, don’t put up with the pain—take action. Many foot problems are related to “overuse syndromes.”

When we consider that it takes about 1,000 foot strikes to walk a mile, it’s easy to appreciate how the smallest foot irritation can escalate and cause trouble. Foot pain often builds up gradually and stubbornly persists unless the cause is addressed.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your feet happy and comfortable:

  • Prevention is the first step. Ill-fitting shoes can aggravate foot problems, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes that fit well. If a shoe feels uncomfortable when you first try it on, it will likely bother you more as you continue to wear it.
  • Hard, thickened skin at the bottom of your feet (calluses) is a sign of excessive pressure caused by the way you walk. Consult a foot specialist to help you address the problem.
  • Corns are small spots of hard skin, especially on the tops or sides of your toes, that can become very painful. Ill-fitting shoes make corns worse by pressing on them. A foot specialist can painlessly treat these corns. Padding may provide temporary relief.
  • Flexibility exercises keep your feet supple. Try doing some circles with your ankles and moving your feet up and down. Going up and down on your toes is a good exercise to promote flexibility of the big toe joints.
  • Stretching exercises are also helpful, especially for your calf muscles. Stand with one foot forward and one foot back, and then bend the forward knee. Do this gently until you feel your calf muscles stretching. If there is any soreness, don’t push too hard!
  • Pay attention to your shoes. If the soles are starting to wear out or the uppers are worn, it’s time to replace them.
  • Switching from one pair of shoes to another at the end of the day will allow your shoes to air out. It’s also a good idea to wear a different pair from one day to the next.

Certain foot problems, however, may be “biomechanical” in nature, meaning that an imbalance in your bone structure may cause your feet to function less than optimally. For example, many people have “pronated” feet. They may have a good arch when they’re sitting, but with standing up, the feet flatten. This can cause calluses, inflammation, tendonitis, and other maladies that require treatment. Orthotics can help to correct the abnormal foot mechanics. Arch supports (i.e. imitation orthotics) are available online and in some stores. Proper prescription orthotics, however, require a cast or 3D laser scan to be performed by a foot specialist, along with a biomechanical examination, so that a laboratory can make the devices precisely in accordance with your individual foot structure. For structurally challenged feet, orthotics are often the key to increased comfort and better foot function.

Foot discomfort is an indication that something is amiss. See a foot specialist for a podiatric medical examination and treatment. With a little care and attention to your feet on a regular basis, many foot problems can be prevented or remedied.

Dr. Lloyd NesbittLloyd Nesbitt DPM
Lloyd is a graduate of the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco, and completed his hospital residency programme at Vancouver General Hospital in B.C.
He has authored numerous articles and has appeared on several t.v. and radio programmes.
Presently, he is in private practice in Toronto.
For further foot health information:  www.lloydnesbitt.com, or email: foothealth@lloydnesbitt.com

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Bata Bangladesh Receives 2015 Best Footwear Brand Award

Organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF), the annual Best Brand Awards recognize those brands that have most distinguished themselves in terms of business value and consumer performance.

It is a platform for the country’s best brands, designed to show the success of the business community in Bangladesh, and portray their achievements in brand building. This year, in partnership with the world’s leading brand research company, Millward Brown, the BBF identified the leading brands in 35 different categories, including food & beverage, superstore, fashion boutique, print media and FM radio. Bata Bangladesh, which has won the footwear award for the past three years, is very proud of its continuing success, and looks forward to even better years ahead.

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Flip-Flops Made in Kenya Echo Around the Bata World

Flip-flops, also known as thong sandals, are basic in all the best ways. With its flat sole and simple strap anchored between the toes, this shoe style was probably among the earliest types in existence, perhaps dating back to 1500 B.C. More than 3000 years later, modern men, women and children still find them a great choice for comfortable, easy footwear.

Given flip-flops’ long history of success, it was only natural that Bata would manufacture its own version of this ancient shoe. The factory at the center of this enterprise is Bata’s facility in Limuru, Kenya, which produces 16 million pairs per year – representing 40% of Bata’s worldwide production and more than half of the factory’s total output.


Bata Kenya began production of flip-flops in the 1950s. At the time, it was the first shoe production facility – and indeed the first footwear company – in the country. (Despite this, a small number of Kenyans were already wearing shoes, due to centuries-long multicultural influences along the Kenyan coastline.) Flip-flops were soon baptized “patapata” locally because of the sound the sandal makes as it slaps against the wearer’s foot as he or she walks. They began to rack up massive sales, with customers invariably asking for “patpat” or “patipati ” to describe the shoe they wanted. Both very affordable and highly adaptable, from the beginning Bata flip-flops were used not only as bathroom footwear or in the home, but also as a casual sandal. When customers stepped beyond the confines of their house in their flip-flops, their neighbors took notice.

Among the different styles of flip-flops produced by the Limuru factory, one style always stood out. A very simple model, available in blue or red, it has been in demand for decades, and alone accounted for a full 80 percent of total flip-flop production last year. While other styles sported names such as “Cadillac,” “Trop” and “Hawaii,” this stalwart model was known simply as “Patapata.”

The name was eventually registered as a brand in 1981, and years later, it was adopted as a global Bata Shoe Organization brand, complete with the familiar palm fronds motif.

Never a Flop

Despite the shoe’s great success, there were times when production faced serious threats, especially in the last decade. First there were cheap imports from eastern Asia, but Limuru beat them with its superior quality. Next came competition from local producers selling copies, but again Bata came out victorious. Most recently, sandals made from blown polyurethane (PU) briefly took the market by storm, but this proved to be a passing fad.

And so, more than half a century later, Bata flip-flops and the Limuru factory are still going strong. Just recently, during this year’s World Cup season, Bata Kenya even introduced a very popular special release in the colors of the various teams in competition. Whether for use around the house, for a casual outing, or to support your favorite team, there’s nothing like Patapata.

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Bubblegummers Relaunched in Australia

Aiming to reach a new market and further establish the Bata name ”Down Under,” Bata Australia recently relaunched the Bubblegummers brand. Beloved by primary-schoolers around the world, Bubblegummers have long been one of Bata’s iconic brands.

The Bubblegummers collection is now on sale at Bunnings, Australia’s largest household hardware chain, where they join the Bata Industrials collection. With 265 stores throughout the country, Bunnings will provide national exposure for the Bubblegummers brand and allow a new generation of young people to discover these great shoes!

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Bata Singapore Recognized at the 2015 Marketing Excellence Awards

On Nov. 18, Bata Singapore received a bronze award in the Brand Awareness category for its “Have We Met” campaign.

The Marketing Excellence Awards is one of Singapore’s largest awards shows. The award celebrates the work of the country’s top marketers, who set the benchmark for the industry. Winners of the Marketing Excellence Awards are recognized as the top performers in Singapore. The judging panel for this year’s awards included representatives from major international companies, including Adidas, Blackrock, Akamai, Hilton, Energizer and Visa.

Parrish Tan, marketing manager for Bata Singapore, attended the event with the creative and accounts team from Section, Bata’s partner in the campaign. Tan commented: “It was truly a gratifying and humbling experience to represent Bata Singapore at these awards, where hundreds of advertising and marketing representatives from the region cheered us on when the announcement was made that we had been awarded the bronze award.”

He added: “The ‘Have We Met’ campaign struck a chord with most of the attendees, and gave a great impression of the Bata brand. Full credit should go to the Bata Singapore team and the agency, Section, for believing in the campaign and supporting us with their amazing work.”

The event was held at the Mandarin Orchard hotel, and was attended by over 500 industry professionals, including award winners, advertising agencies and media agencies.

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120 Years of Advertising: Disvoer Bata’s Colorful Graphic Heritage!

Few brands have carved a path through history the way that Bata has. But then few brands have the know-how and creativity that have defined Bata from the very beginning. And, not surprisingly, this nonstop innovation is reflected in Bata’s advertising, which for 120 years has been a key component of the brand.

When you look through this graphic treasure trove – with its wealth of styles and ideas – it’s like a fascinating lesson in the history of advertising. Ever since the shoe brand was created in 1894, each fashion and trend has been captured and interpreted by some of the biggest names in graphic art ­– and shared with the world in eye-catching advertisements. Who are some of these artists? Donald Brun is one. Even if you don’t know his name, you almost certainly know his work! His elegant, pure and colorful approach to graphic art was a big influence on Bata’s style and helped give our brand its unique identity. The immense talent and stylized humor of this great Swiss artist ­– along with the contributions of so many others – are part of our heritage, part of what makes Bata Bata.

Would you like to see what we’re talking about? You don’t have to go to a museum. You don’t even have to move. You can see the graphic creations that have played such an important role in Bata’s 120-year history right on Pinterest. Just go to http://www.pinterest.com/batashoes/120-years-of-bata-advertising/ and take a stroll through our virtual gallery. And to borrow a slogan from one of our famous advertisements, after that you won’t want to take another step without Bata!

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FLASHBACK: The Bunny Boots from Bata

A practical boot with a funny name: The Bata Bunny Boot

Bata’s Bunny Boots have stood the test of time. The “Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots”, also known as “Bunny Boots”, were made by the Bata Shoe Organization between 1977 and 1992. They were originally designed to protect US soldiers’ feet from cold injury and frostbite in extreme cold weather areas. But over the years, civilians started wearing the boots for work and recreation. Even though the boot hasn’t been produced for over 20 years, its popularity hasn’t declined. In fact, a Google search on Bunny Boots returns nearly 23,700,000 hits and the boots are still selling through surplus stores and eBay. Bunny Boots are here to stay.

What’s the funny name all about?
Strange but true, the boot gets its name from the Snow Shoe Rabbit- a furry little creature commonly found near Fort Greely in Alaska. During the fall its fur begins to change color from brown to white, allowing it to blend in with its winter surroundings. As winter approaches, more and more rabbits appear with their new white “boots”- hence the name Bunny Boots.

What makes the Bunny Boot so special?
Since its inception, the Bunny Boot has enjoyed an almost cult-like following. And there’s good reason: the boot does an amazing job of keeping feet warm and dry. Pioneering and innovative, the Bunny Boot’s designers were determined to create a cold weather boot that performed better than all others. They certainly succeeded. Recognizing that regular felt-lined boots are almost impossible to dry out, they cleverly sealed layers of wool and felt between the rubber inner and outer layers of the boot, ensuring they stayed dry. A vapor lock system was used to maximize insulation by creating a vacuum between the layers of rubber and felt, trapping warmth and ensuring protection against temperatures up to -40°C! For 36 years, thanks to Bata’s innovative thinking, the Bunny Boot’s reputation as the most rugged, dependable, warmest boots on the planet has managed to keep it the most popular choice among serious, polar explorers, ice fishers, trappers, and snowmobile riders in Alaska and Antarctica.

Sure, it has a funny name, but it’s a good bet the Bunny Boot has saved more feet (and lives) in the cold than any other boot ever made.

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The US Chapter of Bata’s History

The first Bata factory was established in the USA in 1939 in Belcamp, Maryland, where it quickly became Harford County’s largest private employer, peaking at 3400 workers in the 1950s. Other production units were opened in that decade in Indiana, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

The American factories produced cold-weather boots for the military and a variety of styles for consumers. During its 63 years of operations, Bata Belcamp pioneered a number of new shoe designs, especially in tennis, basketball and aerobics, as well as designing military combat boots with special soles for muddy conditions. As it did everywhere, the Bata name stood not only for high-quality shoes, but also for quality of life for its workers. Factory facilities included employee housing, a gym and a five-story hotel.

In the early 1990s, Bata purchased the local shoe retail chain Pick & Pay, whose stores were located in Walmart shopping malls. However, when Walmart began selling shoes, the two chains were brought into direct competition. Pick & Pay did not have enough volume to compete against Walmart’s prices, and the chain was sold in 1995.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, changing economic conditions, and the American tariff structure, made it increasingly difficult for US production to remain competitive. In 2002, the Bata estate in Belcamp was sold to develop a luxury waterfront community, Waters Edge, along the Bush River. However, even today, signs of the area’s former life are still in evidence, including the name of the main road, Bata Boulevard.

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“ALL ABOUT SHOES: Footwear Through the Ages” available on Google Books

“ALL ABOUT SHOES: Footwear Through the Ages” is a voyage through 4500 years of footwear evolution and different uses, from ancient funerary sandals, Chinese silk shoes, to haute couture pumps.

Published in 1994, this rich and enlightening book includes color photographs of all kinds of footwear from many different countries, different time periods and different ethnic origins. Sixty-three wonderfully illustrated pages that can be enjoyed on-line in their entirety.

This out-of-print book has been made available for public viewing thank to Bata’s contribution to the Google Books Partner Program, a program allowing authors or publishers to make all or part of their book available on the Google Books website. Working with Google Books is allowing Bata to distribute through the virtual library a number of books published by Bata or about the Bata Shoe Organization.

In the meantime, to view “ALL ABOUT SHOES: Footwear Through the Ages” for free click here: http://goo.gl/w1vBda

To view the recently made available “Shoemaker to the World” by Thomas J. Bata with Sonja Sinclair click here:  http://goo.gl/4VJ3xu

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Flashback: When Bata Took to the Seas

In the period between the two world wars, unfavorable market conditions in Europe caused Bata to look elsewhere to expand its business. Jan Baťa, brother of company founder Tomáš Baťa, devised a plan to purchase a ship, fill it with tools, supplies and personnel, and sail to India, in order to speed up the process of establishing a base of operations in the country.

In 1932, the company purchased the “Courousa,” a 6,000-ton, ex-collier ship, with a cruising speed of six knots. Despite its slowness and aged appearance, the ship was sound, and was deemed appropriate for the trip to India. It was renamed the “Morava” and registered in Prague, making it Moravia’s first sea-going vessel. News of the boat and its planned expedition to India caused a great deal of excitement. The best graduates from the Bata School for Young Men, most in their twenties and early thirties, were selected to travel to India with the cargo, and help carry out the company’s expansion in the region. The “Morava” was loaded with shoes, machines and furniture for retail stores, and in 1933 it began its journey to India. Originally, the ship was supposed to make regular trips to and from Asia, delivering shoes and machinery from Europe, and bringing back raw materials on the return journey.

However, the plan was not executed, and the 1933 voyage was the only time the ship visited India. It continued to transport goods around Europe for the company for a brief time, but was sold a year later, ending the first period of Czech shipping.

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“Vision without action is just a dream. Action without vision merely passes time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Tomas Bata

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Our Values

Our values are the pillars that support our organization. Shaped by our history, they are part of Bata’s DNA and guide all of our decisions and actions.

  • Serve with passion: We are passionate about our customers and dedicated to serving their individual needs. While this makes us competitive, we also recognize that it’s important to see the big picture. We take very seriously how we impact the diverse communities in which we operate.
  • Be bold: We are pioneers. We value individuals with the courage to try new things and to accept that they fail sometimes. We encourage creativity, and welcome curiosity and original thought. We embrace the future, but take time to learn from the past. We do what we say and do not rest on our laurels.
  • Count on me: We lead by example and follow when called. We value those who take responsibility for both their successes and failures. We are accountable for our own performance and the performance of those around us, and we act with integrity.
  • Exceed customer expectations: We strive to create products that are easy to buy, exciting to wear, and of exceptional value. We strive to be responsible and efficient in all that we do in order to deliver the best value to our customers. We operate where design, comfort and value meet. Our lifelong mission is to delight our customers by always going beyond what’s expected.
  • Improving lives: A commitment to making people’s lives better has always been at the core of the company’s philosophy. We respect our customers, suppliers, employees and communities. We believe that we can make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we touch.
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Join Us

If you are an enthusiastic team player who wants to help improve lives around the globe, we invite you to put your best foot forward and contact Bata today.

Read more: Bata Group Careers

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Careers at Bata

We are a multicultural, international company of 30,000 employees, with 22 factories and operations in 25 countries. We offer exceptional career advancement based on performance, potential and relocation availability. To this end, we provide international development programs, as well as training.

We are always looking for passionate and talented professionals in the following fields:

  • Retail
  • Product development and merchandising
  • Sales and marketing
  • Shoe design
  • Production
  • Quality and technical
  • HR, finance, and administrative support

Most of our executives started out working in our stores, which allowed them to build exceptional customer and product knowledge to help further their careers.

We are always seeking employees who aspire to become leaders in the company.

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We Believe in People

Bata recognizes that, now more than ever, its strength lies in its people. We strongly believe that the fundamental vitality of our organization comes from our employees, and we are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the best people.

Across the globe and at every level, Bata team members are guided by the same core principle: know the customer, provide them with products that will enhance their lives, and build meaningful relationships through superb service.

We believe in passion, integrity, team spirit, creativity and entrepreneurship. We are a diverse, multicultural company that provides fantastic career opportunities, international assignments, and robust development plans. Our unique company culture is shaped by these principles.

We provide remuneration and benefits that are fair and competitive, both within the footwear industry and in the respective countries and communities in which we operate.

Bata recruits imaginative and skillful people, and then empowers them with the resources to provide their best for the customer. Bata retains the best people through their unrelenting commitment to equality of opportunity, on-going training and coaching opportunities, and recognition of outstanding service.

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serving one million customers each day

Bata has been infuencing trends and dressing your feet with elegance and character for 120 years throughout the world. Since its founding by Thomas Bata in 1894, the company has been the forefront of innovation, not only in the production and design of news styles, but in the creation of business models that permit a quick response to rapidly changing markets. Today, Bata offers you a vision of style and fashion to reflect your own image, created for you as well as with you. A vision to be shared.