Bata in Thailand

Bata Thailand is affiliated to the Bata Shoe Organization, the world's largest footwear manufacturing and marketing organization. Started operation in Thailand in 1929, formed into a limited company in 1950.


In 1976 was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and has converted to public limited company in 1994. Currently, Bata Thailand operates over 230 stores to cover Thai nationwide. For Bata, we operate under the concept of 'Product is king', striving to create shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, at affordable prices for the general public and have followed this approach from the first day of the factory to today, 127 years, including in the future.


Bata Thailand sells all kinds of footwear which are classified in alignment with market sectors as follows:


Domestic market – under the trademarks of “Bata”, “Power”, “Weinbrenner” Bubblegummers”, and “Marie Claire”, through a countrywide distribution network comprising 250 retail stores and over 1,000 independent dealers.

Overseas market – under the trademarks of its customers, and also markets its own brands to sister companies and the Middle East.


Variety of product options covering every segment greatly enhance the strength of our brand. able to meet the needs of customers, covering every lifestyle, every moment of life at an affordable price accessible to everyone. One of the strengths of the Baja Brand It is a comprehensive marketing channel and can reach very good customer groups both offline and online. especially the branches that penetrate into the local area across the country.

Currently Bata Thailand has Social E-commerce channel - we sell through Facebook, Line, which is a complete channel and convenience for customers to choose more of our products. This is another channel that facilitates customers to choose our products more with an online shopping experience as well.