Bata Club

Bata Club is a mobile-based loyalty program designed exclusively for Bata loyal customers which offers great rewards and more privileges. All you have to do is to register your mobile number and name once with us and quote your mobile number at the cashier counter or at to earn, accumulate and redeem points every time you shop with us. What’s more NO annual fees and available at participating Bata stores nationwide in Malaysia!


To apply for Bata Club membership, simply follow the steps below:



i. Visit us at the Bata stores

ii. Provide your mobile number, name, and gender

iii. An instant SMS will be sent to your mobile phone number for you to complete the profile update process.

iv. Click on the landing page indicated in the SMS to complete the profile update process.

v. You will receive 200 welcome bonus points in your next SMS as a successful registered Club member.



2. AT BATA WEBSITE (Already a registered Bata Club member)

To register and create online account for the first time at


i. Visit

ii.Verify phone number

Your mobile number is considered as your unique identification which also uses as member ID. As a Bata Club member, every time you shop at the Bata stores, just quote your registered mobile number at the cashier counter.

All updates, e-vouchers and offers will be communicated to your registered mobile number or e-mail. Certain offer messages will also have a unique secure code embedded. To redeem those offers, you will have to show the SMS at the cashier counter along with the unique secure code.

BATA CLUB Structure

Accumulation of points. 

Earn points while you shop at the Bata stores or Every RM1.00 spent is equivalent to 1 point.


Redemption of points

  • For every 500 points, you will receive a RM15.00 discount. (e.g 500 points for RM15.00 discount, 1,000 points for RM30.00 discount, 1,500 points get RM45.00 discount)
  • A minimum of 500 points is required for redemption
  • You can redeem the points with any amount spent in a single receipt.

Redemption Channels

Redemptions can be done at the participating Bata stores. Redemption on will be made available soon.


Points expiry

  • Points earned from every transaction is valid for 12 months and by end of the respective month.
  • Points cannot be exchanged for cash, non-returnable and non-exchangeable. Bonus points earned is valid for 3 months and by end of the respective month.
  • You can check points balance at Bata stores and on