Terms & Conditions of Bata Club

The Bata Club program ("Program") is organized by Bata Primavera Sdn Bhd (Company No. 24104-P) of B-17, Menara Bata, No. 8, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia ("Bata").

Program Membership

  1. The Program is open to individuals, residents and non-residents of Malaysia and aged eighteen (18) years and above at the time of application. 
  2. The Program is limited to Bata Stores in Malaysia only and the Program is available in participating Bata Stores only.
  3. To be a Program member ("Member"), you will need to provide a mobile phone number registered with the telecommunication operators in Malaysia to the Cashier counter in any of the participating Bata Stores and submit your registration online (using a smart phone or computer with internet connection) to be a Member via the link given in an SMS sent to the above mobile phone number.
  4. Each Member is entitled to one Program account tag under the Member's mobile phone number. Your mobile phone number is considered as your unique identification which is also your Program Membership ID.
  5. Once Program Membership is granted you will only be able to access your Program account with the use of the mobile phone number provided by you as your username and password.
  6. Each Member is solely responsible for each and every access or use of the Program Membership that occurs in conjunction with the use of his/her username and password.
  7. Use of your mobile phone number as the username and password is conclusive evidence that you have accessed and/or used your Program Membership and the benefits/privileges.
  8. All Members must use all reasonable efforts to keep his/her username and password confidential.
  9. All Members must not and shall not allow any third party to access or use his/her Program Membership using his/her username and password.
  10. All Members must notify Bata in writing as soon as he/she becomes aware of any unauthorized use of his/her Program account / Membership, username or password.
  11. Program Membership is non-transferable.
  12. Each Member applies for and participates in the Program, accepts and uses the benefits/privileges entirely at his/her own risk.
  13. Bata shall have the sole and absolute discretion to approve or reject any individual as a Member without assigning any reason. Bata is not obliged to give any reasons for any decision it makes, at its sole and absolute discretion, to suspend, terminate or restrict your Program Membership or to reject your request to become a Member.

Program Membership Points & Program Membership Discount e-Vouchers terms & conditions

1. Every RM1 spent on purchase of Bata products at participating Bata Stores will entitle the Member to 1 Program Membership point. Program Membership points will expire twelve (12) months from the date of issuance, i.e. by the end of the respective 12th calendar month.

2. The Program Membership points can be earned, accumulated and redeemed for purchases of regular priced and discounted priced products at all participating Bata Stores.

3. Program Membership points cannot be transferred to another Member's account or mobile phone number or exchanged for cash.

4. Program Membership points can only be earned, accumulated and redeemed at participating Bata Stores and on Bata e-commerce platform. Not applicable for purchases made on third parties' e-commerce platform.

5. To be entitled to Program Membership points accumulation and redemption, Members must present his/her mobile phone number before making payment at the participating Bata Stores.

6. Program Membership points are not valid or applicable for voucher purchases and online purchases (on third parties' e-commerce platforms), as well as corporate purchases.

7. The Program Membership discount e-vouchers are not exchangeable for cash and shall be deemed void if it is manipulated or tampered with.

8. The Program Membership points redemption privileges and conditions may be amended or withdrawn at any time without prior notice and without compensation at the sole discretion of Bata.

9. Discount e-Voucher of New Member Registration

  • a) Each new Member will receive a RM10 Discount e-Voucher after completing the registration online. This discount e-voucher will expire three (3) months from the date of issuance.
  • b) Each Discount e-Voucher can only be redeemed on purchase of minimum Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred (RM100) in a single receipt at any participating Bata Stores in Malaysia.
  • c) The Discount e-Voucher which is identified with a unique code sent to the Member's mobile phone number has to be shown to the Cashier counter prior to redemption.
  • d) Each Discount e-Voucher is only valid for one (1) transaction. No combinations of multiple e-vouchers are allowed.
  • e) Unused Discount e-Vouchers or any unused balance in the e-Vouchers will not be refunded in, or converted to cash.

10. Discount on Points Redemption 

  • a) For Program Membership points redemption, a minimum of 500 points is required. For the first 500 points, the Member may redeem a RM15 Discount. For every subsequent multiples of 500 points accumulated, the Member may then redeem a RM30 or RM45 or RM60 etc. discount as the case may be.
  • b) Each Discount can be redeemed with no minimum purchase cap in a single receipt at any participating Bata Stores in Malaysia.
  • c) Each Discount is only valid for one (1) transaction. No combinations of multiple e-vouchers are allowed.
  • d) Unused Discount or any unused balance in the Discount will not be refunded in, or converted to cash.

General Conditions

1. By registering and accessing your Member's account and participating in the Program and its benefits/privileges, the Member is taken to have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions herein and agree that all decisions made by Bata is final and binding in all aspects and no appeal, challenges or objections shall be submitted or entertained.

2. Bata reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to modify replace withdraw reduce or cancel any Program benefits/privileges and any of the terms and conditions herein at any time and from time to time without prior notice to the Member and without any liability whatsoever to Bata. In the event of any dispute, Bata's decision is final, conclusive and binding.

3. Bata may at any time, at its sole and absolute discretion, and without assigning any reason and without prior notice to the Member, terminate this Program or withdraw, cancel or invalidate any Program Membership accounts which has been issued without any liability whatsoever to Bata.

4. In the event of any misuse abuse or fraud in respect of the Program Membership and/or benefits/privileges or in the event the Member breaches any one or more of the terms and conditions herein, Bata reserves the right to revoke and cancel the Program Membership and withdraw all benefits/privileges conferred by the use of the Membership without being liable therefrom in damages.

5. The Member acknowledge and consent to Bata sharing their personal information with its related entities and its Affliiates for the purpose of the Program and the consent hereby given shall be deemed to be consent for the purposes of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and all the prevailing rules and regulations thereunder. The Member understands and agrees that any such Data collected from the Member directly or, on Bata's request, may be processed by third parties assisting Bata in the implementation, administration and management of the Program, including service providers approved by Bata, advisers and consultants and Bata's software providers (the "Data Processors"). Member understands that some of these Data Processors may be located outside the Member's country of residence, and that the Data Processor's country may have different data privacy laws and protections than the Member's country of residence. Member understands that the Data Processors will receive, possess, use, retain and transfer the Data, in electronic or other form, for the purposes of implementing, administering and managing the Member's account under the Program.

6. Members also agree and consent to such details including without limitation personal data or information being collected, processed and used by Bata or its related entities and its Affiliates for the purposes of the Program and all matters related and incidental thereto.

7. In addition, where any of the data or information especially personal data relating to the Members and/or third parties (where applicable) are submitted to Bata, the Member: 

  • a) warrants that he/she is in possession of all necessary consents and shall continue to maintain such consents as may be required for Bata's (and/or its related entities and its Affiliates) usage and processing of such data/information; and
  • b) agrees that it shall be the Member's own responsibility to advise Bata in writing should there be any changes to the data/information provided to Bata.

8. No representations or warranties (express or implied) with respect to the Program or the benefits/privileges are made or given by Bata save for those expressly stated herein.

9. In the event of a dispute arising out of or in connection with transactions made with the Program Membership account, the transaction records of Bata relating to this Program shall be deemed conclusive and binding on the Member.

10. The decision of Bata on all matters relating to this Program shall be final and binding on the Member.

11. Neither Bata nor its affiliates or any of their respective officers, shareholders, employees, consultants, contractors, subcontractor or agents (collectively "Affiliates") shall have any liability whatsoever for any injury (including physical injury or loss of life), loss, damage, penalties, actions, demands, claims, costs, fees or other liabilities whatsoever (collectively "Liability") suffered or incurred by the Member arising out of or in connection with the Program or the benefits/privileges howsoever caused.

12. All Members acknowledge and agree that they are liable for, and shall indemnify Bata and its Affiliates against, any and all claims made by third parties arising out of his/her access to, and use of, the Program as a Member. The Member agrees to fully indemnify and keep harmless Bata and its Affiliates from any Liability suffered or incurred by Bata or its Affiliates occasioned by or arising in connection with the Member's participation in the Program or the benefits/privileges.

13. Bata shall not be held responsible or liable if it is unable to perform or fail to perform its obligations under the terms and conditions herein, where such delay or failure is caused by any act of God, natural hazard and/or disaster, labour unrest, riot, civil commotion, lockout, fire, flood, earthquake, typhoon, war, acts of foreign enemies or other perils and any cause or circumstance whatsoever beyond the control of Bata.

14. These Program terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and shall be binding upon the heirs, next of kin, personal representatives and successors of the Member and Bata respectively.