Lucky Thai Consumers Get a Second Chance at Bata “Peanuts” Sneakers

Since its relaunch in 2014 as part of Bata’s 120th-anniversary celebrations, the legendary Bata Tennis has once again been taking the world by storm. And, for fashion-conscious consumers, the special limited editions produced by Bata in collaboration with Japanese brand Comme des Garçons have been especially popular.

So popular, in fact, that the recent release featuring characters from the beloved “Peanuts” comic strip sold out in record time. Only 1,500 pairs were produced and they quickly disappeared from selected stores in Paris, New York, Miami, London, Tokyo, and Taipei.

Bata Safari

From the savannas of Kenya, where it was born, to the bustling streets of New York City, the Bata Safari boot is the undisputed King of the Jungle.

Foot Care: Your Feet – Your Foundation

Can’t find the source of that nagging back or knee pain? You might never suspect it, but your feet could be the culprit. If your feet are unstable, chances are the rest of your body is, too. After all, if you built a house on an unstable foundation, wouldn’t you sooner or later expect to see structural problems in the house itself?

It’s the same with our feet. Take flat feet (pronation), for instance—a common condition of collapsed foot bones. It’s more than a local problem because it can cause the ankles to roll in and the legs to rotate inward. Naturally, this puts stress on the knee joints, causing discomfort and pain. Young athletes, especially women, are prone to patellofemoral syndrome, a painful knee condition directly traceable to abnormal foot mechanics. Back pain, too, can result from an unstable foot bone structure.

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Bata Singapore Recognized at the 2015 Marketing Excellence Awards

On Nov. 18, Bata Singapore received a bronze award in the Brand Awareness category for its “Have We Met” campaign.

The Marketing Excellence Awards is one of Singapore’s largest awards shows. The award celebrates the work of the country’s top marketers, who set the benchmark for the industry. Winners of the Marketing Excellence Awards are recognized as the top performers in Singapore. The judging panel for this year’s awards included representatives from major international companies, including Adidas, Blackrock, Akamai, Hilton, Energizer and Visa.

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Foot Care: Feet for Life, Pain-Free!

Do you grin and bear foot pain day after day? Many people think foot pain is normal, but that’s a myth. If your feet hurt, don’t put up with the pain—take action.

Many foot problems are related to “overuse syndromes.” When we consider that it takes about 1,000 foot strikes to walk a mile, it’s easy to appreciate how the smallest foot irritation can escalate and cause trouble. Foot pain often builds up gradually and stubbornly persists unless the cause is addressed.

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Foot Care: How to take care of your feet (when you can’t get to your foot specialist)

Most people experience some type of foot pain from time to time. If serious and persistent, foot pain is an indication that you should see your podiatrist or foot specialist. 

But often there are simple things you can do to relieve minor issues and stay comfortable.

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Flip-Flops Made in Kenya Echo Around the Bata World

Flip-flops, also known as thong sandals, are basic in all the best ways. With its flat sole and simple strap anchored between the toes, this shoe style was probably among the earliest types in existence, perhaps dating back to 1500 B.C. More than 3000 years later, modern men, women and children still find them a great choice for comfortable, easy footwear.

Given flip-flops’ long history of success, it was only natural that Bata would manufacture its own version of this ancient shoe. The factory at the center of this enterprise is Bata’s facility in Limuru, Kenya, which produces 16 million pairs per year – representing 40% of Bata’s worldwide production and more than half of the factory’s total output.

Athletic Footwear: Finding the Shoe That’s Right for You

Athletic shoes are among the most comfortable shoes you can wear. High-quality athletic footwear will provide you with enhanced support and improved foot function for your sports activities and while walking.

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Take a look at your feet!

What do the shoes you’re wearing right now do for you?

Every year, Bata produces 35,000 different styles of shoe for men, women and children of all ages. Each style does something special, besides fitting a pair of happy feet!

They help you become a world champion. Like in 1986, when Bata was an official sponsor of the football World Cup!

Or they get you to school on time! They make you jump higher. Look taller. Grab someone’s attention. They can help you to walk further. Or keep your feet warm.

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Bata Thailand Alive collection

The Alive casual men’s shoe collection is manufactured locally at our Bata Thailand factory. Since its introduction to the market in 2010, it has quickly become a best-seller in Thailand and a must-have shoe for men seeking casual comfort with a trendy twist at a competitive price.

The collection boasts an impressive variety of styles. Available with perforated synthetic or canvas uppers in a wide range of colors, all with an attractive graphic printed sock, it is no wonder that over 20,000 pairs are sold per year.

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Bubblegummers Relaunched in Australia

Aiming to reach a new market and further establish the Bata name ”Down Under,” Bata Australia recently relaunched the Bubblegummers brand. Beloved by primary-schoolers around the world, Bubblegummers have long been one of Bata’s iconic brands.

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Dubben a Firm Favorite in Pakistan

What makes the Dubben so popular? The secret lies firstly in its classic moccasin style, which blends seamlessly with both local and western attire. (The shoe is sold as “Mocassino by Bata.”) And secondly, with its extremely comfortable synthetic upper and light TPR outsole, Dubben is easy to wear all day.

Bata Pakistan introduced its Dubben shoe in 2007, and it quickly became a customer favorite. Almost ten years later, Dubben’s popularity continues to grow, with sales reaching 180,000 pairs last year alone.

Research & Development

Innovative, modern – design and Excellence in manufacturing
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Bata Bangladesh Receives 2015 Best Footwear Brand Award

Organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF), the annual Best Brand Awards recognize those brands that have most distinguished themselves in terms of business value and consumer performance.

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Metrials – Leather

Leather is the most used natural material, and presents ideal characteristics for footwear. Leather breathes, it is soft, offers very good absorption ability; and is able to adjust to the individual shape of foot.

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Valtina: A Prima Ballerina from SICA 2’s Bata Women

A star to come… Recently unveiled as part of the Spring Summer Asia/Africa Bata collection, a ballerina shoe called Valtina is sure to be a standout.

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