BATA Ladies Sandals Black - 5616713 (BATA COMFIT)

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    Key features

    Size Guide:
    Local 4 = EU 35 = UK 2 = 22.8 cm
    Local 5 = EU 36 = UK 3 = 23.7 cm
    Local 6 = EU 37 = UK 4 = 24.5 cm
    Local 7 = EU 38 = UK 5 = 25.4 cm
    Local 8 = EU 39 = UK 6 = 26.2 cm
    Local 9 = EU 40 = UK 7 = 26.6 cm
    Local 10 = EU 41 = UK 8 = 27.9 cm

    The twin features of Massaging Waves to Revitalize Your Feet and anti-slip waves on these sandals not only revitalised your feet as you go about your day, but also keeps your steps calm and stable. And being part of our Wellness Collection range of women’s footwear, they are tastefully designed with natural support as well that also compliments all your outfits, bringing out the best in you.

    Massaging Waves to Revitalize Your Feet
    An extra layer of comfort which provides a gentle massaging effect through a textured raised wave surface that helps to stimulate blood flow and revitalize sore feet.

    Anti-Slip Waves
    Features a unique pattern of waves and grooves that increase traction and grip, providing better stability on slippery or uneven surfaces to help prevent falls and ensure secure footing.

    Natural Support
    Tailored for a snug and comfortable fit while keeping the feet steady when moving, allowing for natural and effortless movements throughout the day.

    Upper: Poluyurethane (PU)
    Lining: Poluyurethane (PU)
    Outsole: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
    Article number: 5618713
    Brand: BATA COMFIT
    Warranty details: NO WARRANTY
    Heel height:
    Platform height : null
    Shoe height:
    Strap length : null
    Additional handle : null
    Used Materials
    • Upper Upper
      PU Synthetic PU Synthetic
    • Outsole Outsole
      PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
    technical description