POWER Men Walking Shoes Black - 8806008

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    Size Guide:
    UK 5 = EU 39 = 26.2 cm
    UK 6 = EU 40 = 26.6 cm
    UK 7 = EU 41 = 27.1 cm
    UK 8 = EU 42 = 27.9 cm
    UK 9 = EU 43 = 28.7 cm
    UK 10 = EU 44 = 29.1 cm
    UK 11 = EU 45 = 29.6 cm
    UK 12 = EU 46 = 30.4 cm

    Walking shoes that go the distance with you. Power up your walks with these Power walking shoes that are light on the feet and easy to wear. No matter how far you go, your feet will stay fresh and comfortable thanks to its Breathable Upper construction, so you’ll always return home feeling just like you never left. Made from Lightweight yet breathable materials to promote ventilation and reduce humidity at your feet.

    Designed with a focus on minimalism and weight reduction, to keep you light on your feet all day long.

    Breathable Upper
    Made out of soft, breathable material to allow heat and moisture to escape and better air circulation through the shoe. Great for keeping the feet dry and comfortable in hot weather or while playing sports.

    Easy Foot Entry
    Features a wide opening design made from stretchy materials to allow easy and effortless slip-on. Perfect for people who lead an on-the-go lifestyle.

    Upper: Mesh
    Lining: Mesh
    Outsole: Ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA)
    Article number: 8809008
    Brand: POWER
    Warranty details: NO WARRANTY
    Heel height:
    Platform height : null
    Shoe height:
    Strap length : null
    Additional handle : null
    Used Materials
    • Upper Upper
      Mesh Mesh
    • Outsole Outsole
      Eva (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Eva (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
    • Lining Lining
      Mesh Mesh
    technical description