Lucky Thai Consumers Get a Second Chance at Bata “Peanuts” Sneakers

Since its relaunch in 2014 as part of Bata’s 120th-anniversary celebrations, the legendary Bata Tennis has once again been taking the world by storm. And, for fashion-conscious consumers, the special limited editions produced by Bata in collaboration with Japanese brand Comme des Garçons have been especially popular.

So popular, in fact, that the recent release featuring characters from the beloved “Peanuts” comic strip sold out in record time. Only 1,500 pairs were produced and they quickly disappeared from selected stores in Paris, New York, Miami, London, Tokyo, and Taipei.

Now, however, Bata Thailand has managed to procure another 200 pairs of the “Bata Tennis x Peanuts” shoes and will be selling them in its pop-up store in Siam Center January 29-31. The second floor of Siam Center will be set up like a mini-tennis court and will also feature vintage posters and other artifacts chronicling the brand’s history back to its founding by Tomáš Baťa in Czechoslovakia in1894.

“We had such strong demand after Thais saw this special shoe being sold in stores around the world,” says Bata Thailand managing director Eugenio Olabe. “It was our good fortune to find a supply and be able to add to the history and the heritage of Bata.”

Introduced in 1936 for use in physical education classes in India, the Bata Tennis went on to become one of the best-selling shoes of all time. The “Peanuts” edition of the iconic white canvas low-tops with the distinctive pinstripe is available in three versions, each featuring Snoopy playing tennis with Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Woodstock respectively.