Dubben a Firm Favorite in Pakistan

What makes the Dubben so popular? The secret lies firstly in its classic moccasin style, which blends seamlessly with both local and western attire. (The shoe is sold as “Mocassino by Bata.”) And secondly, with its extremely comfortable synthetic upper and light TPR outsole, Dubben is easy to wear all day.

Bata Pakistan introduced its Dubben shoe in 2007, and it quickly became a customer favorite. Almost ten years later, Dubben’s popularity continues to grow, with sales reaching 180,000 pairs last year alone.

Most popular with men between 30 and 45, the shoe comes in traditional black and brown, and retails for about US $12 – making it a perfect blend of style, comfort and value.

Because the Dubben is manufactured in-house at the Bata Pakistan factory, it is always available, which has made it a backbone of the company’s Family Concept stores.

The shoe is supported by large-scale, in-store advertising campaigns and there are quarterly communications with store sales staff about the Dubben.

Not surprisingly, local competitors have attempted to copy the Dubben, but they have never been able to match the level of quality and comfort at Bata’s extremely affordable price.