golden age

Bata tennis
Originally created for Indian school children, the pinstriped sneaker with the distinctive rubber toe guard became one of the best-selling shoes of all time – and is still sold around the world.

« People should live and work in pleasant surroundings. »

In addition to factories, housing estates, schools, hospitals and other amenities such as cinemas and swimming pools were built for Bata employees.



Because Tomáš Bata believed that business had a responsibility to its employees, the company provided its workers with housing, schools, hospitals, libraries, and recreational facilities.


At 77.5 meters (254 ft), Bata's head office – aka Administration Building No. 21 – in Zlín, Czechoslovakia was the second-tallest building in Europe at the time of its construction.

Built of concrete, brick, metal and glass, the building was a landmark of 20th-century architecture. It included the world's first elevator office, which allowed the founder to move between floors without leaving his desk.


Bata builds roads and canals, and employs company airplanes, boats and trucks, to export its shoes around the globe.

Bata cities based on the Zlín model are built throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Many incorporate the company name, including Bataville in France, Batanagar in India, Batatuba in Brazil, Cali-Bata in Java, and Batawa in Canada.

Even if it requires a bicycle – or a camel – Bata will bring its shoes to the world.


Bata factories manufacture 168,000 pairs of shoes
every day

By 1938, Bata has 65,000 full-time workers, up from 8300 just 10 years ago

« So many people die in bed because they stop moving. If you stop, you’re dead. If you slow down, you’re half-dead. Life is movement… »

Tomáš Bata

By 1938, Bata

has a presence
in more than
30 countries



stores in Europe, Asia
and North America

operates 63 companies in a diversity of industries

60 million
pairs of
shoes a year


From Austria to Zambia, Bata stores set a standard of quality based on superior products, value for money, and unparalleled service.

While each store is uniquely designed to fit its location, all offer a spacious, comfortable and hospitable shopping experience. From the capital cities of Europe to the rural villages of India, the Bata name guarantees the best shoes at the best price backed by the best service.