Bata Sneakers King of the Court
Manufactured by Bata in Maryland, USA, these incredibly popular, cutting-edge athletic shoes featured molded soles, Footbed® Insoles and Pacifate® lining. The shoe's popularity led to numerous collaborations, including the "Wilson by Bata" John Wooden signature model, in partnership with leading sports manufacturer Wilson Corp. and legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden.

during the NBA game circa 1980 in Washington, D.C.

New York Knicks against the Washington Bullets

1950s - 1970s

The technologically advanced Wilson by Bata shoes used lightweight polyurethane for their soles years ahead of other manufacturers.

The shoe remains one of the most influential sneakers of all time.

Hall of Fame basketball player
Earvin "Magic" Johnson
launched his career wearing Wilson by Bata shoes.

Magic Johnson, 1979, Michigan State University.

Official Sponsor
1986 FIFA World Cup, Mexico

As one of the proud sponsors of the 13th World Cup, Bata was there to witness the "Hand of God" goal and the "Goal of the Century" by Argentina captain Diego Maradona.

The success of Bata's basketball and football shoes led to rapid expansion of the sneaker line, including shoes for cycling (the famed Bata Biker), badminton, BMX (Batamax), gymnastics, boating, tennis, running, golfing, wrestling, and walking.

Official Footwear and Sponsor
1987 ICC Cricket World Cup

Bata was present in a big way at one of the world's most-viewed sports competitions.

Bata sponsoring of sports.

Bata Biker
Featuring a cool canvas upper, semi-rigid soles, and 3M reflective patches, this cycle touring shoe was slip-resistant without cleats and retailed for about $17 – one-third the price of competitors. For many in Canada and North America, the Bata Biker was their first cycling shoe.

Bata Biker advertising

The Choice
of Champions

Richard LaClede "Dick" Stockton, the #8-ranked tennis player in the world in 1978, and Anthony Jacklin, the first British player to win the Open Championship, were among the many athletes who endorsed Bata products in the 60s and 70s.

Dick Stockton wearing Bata

Kristien Shaw wearing Bata shoes

From racing, football and cricket, to cycling and tennis Bata was a major sponsor of local and international sporting events.

Bata-sponsored Eliseo Salazar wins the 1980 Aurora Formula One Championship.