Take me to a Bata store!

Early on, Tomas Bata recognized the importance of stores that suited the Bata customer. Sometimes that meant different things in different parts of the world, at different times.

Tomas knew that good design leads to good living, working and shopping. Bata’s functionalist stores today still feature progressive easy-to-shop design!

Bata’s heritage 7-story store on Wenceslas Square in Prague was specially built by the Bata company in 1928.

Today, thousands of Bata stores across the world share design expertise with our flagship stores, like the ones in Prague or New Delhi.

Bata operates close to 4,700 stores around the world. Our goal is simple: to be the most satisfying store to shop in, for well-priced and fashionable footwear, everywhere in the world!

Bata operates four main types of store. Which is your type?

Bata City Stores

Prime locations, exclusive fashion shoe lines with complementary accessories, and contemporary shopping environments for discerning shoppers. Is this you?

Bata Superstores

Fashion, casual and athletic footwear for everyone, easy to find in your local shopping mall. Great value combined with great quality.

Bata Family Stores

Bata makes the world’s leading family footwear. Find comfortable, durable and fashionable footwear for the whole family, in one place and at reasonable prices.

Bata Value Stores

An incredibly wide assortment of super-affordable footwear for the entire family. Self-service easy shopping at its best! Suit you?

Bata style is consistent everywhere, but local needs are always our first priority!