Thomas J. Bata’s Autobiography on Audiobook and Google Books

To celebrate its 120-year anniversary, Bata is proud to be able to make available once again Thomas J. Bata’s out-of-print autobiography, Shoemaker to the World, in multiple digital formats. Eloquently told and rich in anecdotes, the book is a compelling chronicle of the many challenges, traumatic events and great successes that comprised the author’s colorful life.

Beginning with the Bata family’s humble beginnings in a Moravian village, Thomas Bata goes on to describe his entrepreneurial upbringing, his fight for control of the family enterprise, his unique partnership with his wife, and the way he went about implementing his business philosophy. It is one of the great success stories of the twentieth century.

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In 1932, Tomáš Baťa, the founder of the Bata Shoe Company, died in a plane crash. As young Thomas watched his father’s coffin being lowered into the ground, he silently promised to abide by the wishes expressed in his father’s “moral testament”: That the Bata Shoe Company was to be treated not as a source of private wealth, but as a public trust, a means of improving living standards within the community and providing customers with good value for their money.

At the time, Tom had no idea of the real challenges he would face in fulfilling that promise. Not only was he ill-equipped, at age eighteen, to step into the shoes of an acknowledged business genius, creator of the largest shoe manufacturing and retailing organization in the world. But fate was also about to deal him a series of devastating setbacks: the subjugation of his Czech homeland by the Nazis; an acrimonious family rift over ownership of the company; the expropriation of his holdings in Eastern and Central Europe by Communist regimes; and other national economic and political upheavals that threatened the survival of the newly resuscitated Bata organization.

Yet, in the midst of wrenching change and adversity, Bata managed to thrive. From his new home base in Canada, Thomas built, a global empire that – at the time his book was published in 1990 – employed up to 70,000 people and played an important role in the economies of many developing nations.

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Length: 341 pages

Publisher: Stoddart Pub., Canada (December 1, 1990)

What people say about the book:

“A business epic of one of the greatest entrepreneurs! Shoemaker to the world who changes the lives of much of humanity. Selling one million pairs of shoes every day, often the first shoes that the person has worn. An inspiration!” (A. Fitch, Amazon reviewer)

“A real tear-jerker. Keep a box of tissues nearby as you read – such a story of inspiration, a story of footwear of epic proportions.” (P. Williams, Amazon reviewer)