Bata Publishes its First Sustainability Review of 2014

Bata today publishes its first Sustainability Review which charts the Company’s extraordinary journey over 120 years to becoming one of the world’s most respected footwear brands. The Review, which has been written for its employees, customers and other stakeholders, explains how Bata’s principles of respect, vision, responsibility and entrepreneurship have driven a dynamic enterprise that is dedicated to making great shoes accessible to everyone.

The Sustainability Review describes how Bata’s heritage and its enduring ability to think long-term has, since the early 20th century, enabled Bata to enter and create new markets, set up Bata villages to support employees, invest in local communities and develop local sourcing and distribution options. This innate sense of responsibility has driven a ‘multi-local’ approach where Bata is known throughout the world as a local company, despite it being the world’s largest footwear company. Bata explains that aside from being a fashion item, shoes for many people are vital to protecting against disease, improving mobility, providing comfort, and ensuring safety. Furthermore, by building its manufacturing base in the countries where its sells its shoes, Bata has expanded the definition of who needs shoes to include the children who are educated in its schools, the entrepreneurs who have built businesses around distribution and recycling facilities, the small businesses that have grown up alongside its factories, the families who have benefited from its high standards of employee welfare, and the young people around the world who are supported through the Bata Children’s Program.

As an international Company operating in more than 60 countries and employing more than 30,000 employees in retail stores, production facilities and offices around the world, Bata acknowledges the scale of its responsibility to sustain livelihoods, grow businesses and enrich communities. As such, it has identified 18 sustainability commitments which support its goal for every shoe it sells to be designed by Bata and for every aspect of its manufacture and sales to be carefully controlled.

Bata plans to publish regular updates for its stakeholders to help them stay informed about its sustainability progress.

Download the Bata Sustainability Review 2013 (PDF, 12.6 MB)