Bata – The Leading Shoe Brand in India

You might be surprised to learn that Bata is the most popular shoe brand in India. Ahead of Adidas, ahead of Reebok and Puma. According to a 2013 study of “India’s Most Attractive Brands” by the Trust Research Advisory (TRA), Bata is the shoe brand that India loves best. And in that same study, Bata came in eleventh out of ALL brands ­– including automotive, technology and food. This amazing vote of confidence reflects a long and deeply rooted relationship.

What makes Bata so attractive?

Bata’s appeal comes from the concept created by the brand’s founder: shoes and accessories for the whole family, at affordable prices, that are both fashionable and of the highest quality. From the beginning, the focus was on satisfying customers and understanding their needs, including their affinity for style. “The brand’s reputation and visibility in India are a testament to everything Bata stands for,” says Pierre Murbach, Global Media & Content Manager at Bata Brands in Switzerland. “It shows that we are doing things right and it reflects on everyone in every country.”

Bata: An economic powerhouse

As the driving force behind the shoe-manufacturing industry in India, the brand founded by Tomas Bata has become a way of life for millions of Indians. And the great success in India helps to strengthen Bata’s international presence: 5,000 shops in almost 70 countries, one million customers served every day, and a Guinness World Record for having sold over 14 billion pairs of shoes.

Bata: #11 out of 1000

Out of the more than 1000 brands that were included in the TRA study, in categories ranging from Personal Accessories to Cars to Food & Beverages, only 10 products ranked higher than Bata. This distinction is proof of the trust placed in the brand and the recognition touches all of the work carried out in our shops and production plants. For it is not just shoes, but also the performance of an industry that is being acknowledged.

About the “Most Attractive Brands” Study

The Indian study is the most comprehensive and detailed survey of its kind. It is based on 36 traits, mined from 3 million data points from primary research conducted across 16 cities. Over 1,900 brands are identified in the research and the top 1,000 are listed. The sample size is 2,050 consumer influencers.