Bata Around the World – A Universe in Itself

The world of Bata is one thing and many things. From Paris to Nairobi, our shops have a common culture: customers and their needs. Yet every Bata shop is also different, a unique expression of its locale and its people. While the brand resonates beyond the confines of a shop or the borders of a country, it is also rooted in thousands of individual locations. Paris and Nairobi, for example.

Bata in Paris: A world of style in the capital of fashion

Paris, the most “liked” city in the world on Facebook, has long been a host to the international Bata brand. On 16 October 2013, the newest Parisian Bata shop opened next to Charles de Gaulle airport, one of the busiest in the world. Now you can step into fashion as soon as you step off the plane!

In a metropolis where brands have to work hard to distinguish themselves, Bata is continuing to bring high fashion at an affordable price to millions of Parisians and visitors. At this cosmopolitan crossroads of the latest styles, a new Bata store is a new opportunity to find that perfect pair of shoes!

Showcasing style and trends

No two Bata shops are the same. In its exclusive Paris airport store, Bata presents fashion, French-style. Whether you prefer leather, fur, high or flat heels, classical or quirky, the whole Bata universe is right there. Wear your Batas to stroll the streets of Paris, climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower, or take a break at one of the city’s numerous sidewalk cafés. Bata is an invitation to discover Paris. The City of Light is also the City of Bata!

“Paris is one of the leading fashion capitals, and France is the leading tourist destination in the world,” says Pierre Murbach, Global Media & Content Manager at Bata Brands in Switzerland. “It is a special place for the Bata brand.”

Paris-Nairobi: A direct flight to the capital of Kenya

A truly unique Bata shop. The largest Bata shop in Africa has opened in the mega-city of Nairobi. The “Tom Mboya Mega,” the country’s 128th shop, was inaugurated on 22 November 2013. Designed over several levels, the different floors are connected by escalators. It is a city within a city!

Bata in Nairobi: A space for fashion and for family

Thanks to the expansive size of the shop, the choice of styles has never been greater. The Nairobi mega-store allows Bata to showcase all the “must-haves” of its collections, from chunky wedges to the latest sports shoes. And, to make the shopping experience even more pleasurable, there’s even a special area dedicated to children. While you browse the Bata collections, your kids can watch their favorite TV shows or play games in a safe and secure space.

“With two floors totalling 6000 sq ft, this is by far the largest Bata store in Africa,” says Alberto Errico, Bata Kenya Company Manager. “The opening of Bata Tom Mboya Mega is a great step towards our goal of opening more large-format stores that allow us to distinctly showcase all our brands. I thank the team that tirelessly worked to make this happen.”